Eco printing is an eco friendly technique which involves bundling leaves in cloth or felt and then steaming or dyeing the bundles in a plant based dye vat. Under the right conditions, the prolonged contact of the leaf on the cloth can make a beautiful print. Eco printing, also known as eco bundling, “Nature printing with steam”, it just easily explain the process. This involves the transference of plant imagery and patterning into cloth harnessing the substances contained within the plants themselves to provide print and colour. The textiles are mostly pre-mordanted and sometimes co-mordanted or post-mordanted. The fibres used are silk, wool, cotton and linen. Eco printing results vary according to many conditions – plant part used, processing time, water quality and pH balance, mordant, processing method, fibre type (protein, cellulose or synthetic etc.)

My book ‘ The Song of  Nature ‘  has written about Eco Printing and Natural Dye…


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My book The Song of Nature is out now! It is in English and 101 pages…

It is written about ecoprinting and natural dyes…

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